Knowlton’s Environmental Commission


  • Mission


Founded in 1993, the Knowlton Environmental Commission advises the Township Committee and informs residents of environmental issues, laws, and programs that may affect them. Our mission includes reviewing development proposals and promoting long-range planning based on the capacity of our township’s land. We have served in this role frequently, advising our local government on issues that impact our natural resources and the town’s rural character such as the opening of a sewer facility, the decommissioning of the Portland, Pennsylvania, coal plant, and the operations of a neighboring chemical manufacturing facility. We seek to advise our local government to use smart growth in planning and we aid them in finding ways to capitalize on and promote our natural resources.


  • Current Projects

The Environmental Commission is currently pursuing the mapping and development of a bicycle and pedestrian trail, called the Liberty Water Gap trail, in Knowlton. We are also investigating how acquiring Scenic Highway Designation for our stretch of Route 80 could help protect our bucolic appearance while promoting tourism to our town at the state and national levels.


  • Get Involved

The Environmental Commission welcomes all interested residents to come to one of our monthly meetings. Join as a member or, if your time is limited, volunteer to help with specific projects.  Your friends and neighbors will appreciate your involvement in helping to preserve the environment and the beauty of Knowlton.


Meetings are held the 2 nd Thursday of the month at 7:30 at the Knowlton Municipal Building.


Visit our website at for more information.



Current Members
Jaime Murray, Chair
Susan Lachenmayer
Rene Mathez, Township Committee Liaison
Ken Metcalf
Kim Schad
Tamara Scully
Adele Starrs, Alternate






















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