The Knowlton Township Historic Commission


  • Mission


The Knowlton Township Historic Commission (KTHC) was officially established in October 1997. It is our goal to preserve the rural landscape, agricultural architecture, and historic character of Knowlton Township by serving as an educational resource to the community and encouraging a commitment to retain the unique sense of place that is Knowlton Township. Through the efforts of the KTHC, the village of Delaware is listed on both the National and State Registers of Historic Places.


  • Current Projects


The Historic Commission currently has two active projects; the first is the Ramsaysburg Tavern and Homestead on Route 46. The KTHC has applied for and received four county and state grants to date for the stabilization planned restoration of this historic property, seen in the photo below.

Our second project is Belles Barn on Walnut Road: KTHC is exploring possibilities for the adaptive reuse of this historic barn that include discussions with experts on raising Heirloom Breed livestock in conjunction with Genesis Farm.

  • Get Involved


If history and historic preservation interest you as important components in Knowlton’s future, the Knowlton Township Historic Commission welcomes your involvement.  Join as a member or, if your time is limited, volunteer to help with special events and tours.  Your friends and neighbors will appreciate your involvement in helping to preserve the character and beauty of Knowlton’s villages, hamlets, farms, and scenic landscapes.


The commission meetings are open to all. Please contact Christine Beegle, Historic Commission secretary, at 973-997-0920 or for date and time of meetings.


Visit our website at for more information.

For details about the Ramsaysburg Homestead renovation visit:



Current Members
Hal Bromm
Dennis Bertland
Professional Advisor
Carl Shuster
Christine Beegle
John Bellis
Nancy Boyer
Tom Drake
Debbie Hamway
Gloria Hardiman
Dennis Melillo
Ken Metcalf
Cynthia Montes
Candice Nattland
Karin Strom
Guy Walton

























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