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WHEREAS, a conceptual plan has been proposed for 6-million-square foot warehouse complex on an industrially zoned lot on Route 519 in White Township; and


WHEREAS, if this proposal advances, it will be the largest warehouse complex in the state of NJ; and

WHEREAS, professional estimates of truck traffic would produce many thousands of trucks per day traveling to and from the site; and


WHEREAS, trucks traveling to and from the site are likely to use Route 46 in Knowlton Township to reach their destination in White; and


WHEREAS, Warren County Planning Department’s 2018 Technical Study (WCTTS), pages 36 and 70, cites: CR 519 Intersection with US Route 46 is approaching capacity, US 46 is pavement deficient, NJRTM-E 46 is approaching capacity, and CR 519 is approaching capacity; and


WHEREAS,trucks will likely use two Route 46 bridges rated by the 2018 WCTTS, p. 39, as “structurally deficient,” bridges “for which the deck (riding surface), the superstructure (supports immediately beneath the driving surface) or the substructure (foundation and supporting posts and piers) are rated as poor or worse”; and


WHEREAS,increased truck traffic will be a safety hazard for parents and children waiting at bus stops and entering and exiting theKnowlton Township Elementary School, which is located on Route 46; and


WHEREAS, additional diesel pollution from truck traffic may impact air quality for children playing outside at the elementary school and families located near the Village of Delaware; and


WHEREAS,an additional unintended consequence may be longer response times for Knowlton Fire and Rescue, whose headquarters is located on Route 46; and


WHEREAS,vibration from existing truck traffic on Route 519 has contributed to damage to the stone foundations and structures of buildings within the Historic Village of Hope; and


WHEREAS,it is the professional opinion of the historical architect renovating the Ramsaysburg Historic Homestead thatsignificant additional truck traffic on Route 46 may damage to the stone foundation of the main building of the Ramsaysburg main building, which is owned by the Township of Knowlton; and


WHEREAS,it is the professional opinion of the historical architect renovating the Ramsaysburg Historic Homestead that soot from truck exhaust attaches to stucco and as this effect is repeated, the carbon can become chemically bonded to the stucco, which will require regular and costly cleaning of the stucco at the Ramsaysburg location; and


WHEREAS, trucks over 4-tons are prohibited on Decatur Street in Knowlton, yet drivers still use this road as a shortcut to Route 46, causing property damage and frequent complaints from residents; and


WHEREAS, an increase in trucks traveling to the warehouse complex in White will likely exacerbate thetruck problems on Decatur; and


WHEREAS, the loss of prime farmland to warehouses diminishes the food supply and directly impacts the rural character of the region; and


WHEREAS,real estate developers in the Lehigh Valley conducted three studies and concluded that warehouses in that regionresulted in a decrease of home property values of 11.5%*; and


WHEREAS,the average warehouse worker in NJ, makes $13 hour,which is not a living wage, and the result will be an added burden on the state and county social safety net; and


WHEREAS,the consequences listed above do not benefit the residents of Knowlton Township.


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the Township Committee of Knowlton petitions all other 21 municipalities in Warren County to address the impact of the 6-million-square-foot warehouse complex on their residents and their towns’ futures.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the Township Committee of Knowlton petitions the Warren County Board of Freeholders to stop this project because of the many unintended consequences of the 6-million-square-foot warehouse complex, including but not limited to the alteration of Warren County residents’ quality of life, taxes, education, police, fire and rescue squads,property values, and air quality.



All in Favor:


September 9, 2019


Certification: I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of a Resolution adopted by the Knowlton Township Committee at a meeting held on September 9, 2019


Kristin Shipps, Municipal Clerk









Knowlton Township Warren County New Jersey